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Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 | Fast Product Key


Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Genuine License/Product Key – Lifetime License. Genuine Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise License Key delivered within 24 to 48 hours after payment is made.

SKU: microsoft-visual-studio-2017-enterprise-fast-product-key

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 

Microsoft visual studio enterprise 2017 (Genuine License Key /Product Key - Lifetime License) Description: 

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 is the premium integrated development environment (IDE) for professional developers, teams and enterprises. This powerful and feature-rich toolset enables rapid delivery of modern, high-quality apps for any platform.

With Visual Studio Enterprise 2017, you can:

  • Build Web, Mobile, Desktop, Gaming and IoT Apps Faster - Visual Studio provides seamless end-to-end development workflows for creating responsive web apps, native cross-platform mobile apps, interactive desktop apps, immersive games and apps for Microsoft HoloLens. The advanced diagnostics, testing tools, DevOps support and cloud deployment options enable faster iteration and higher quality app delivery.
  • Work Smarter with Agile Tools - Enterprise developers can plan and track work, share team knowledge and conduct fast, useful code reviews using the full set of Agile tools—integrated with Kanban boards, backlogs, dashboards, and more. Visual Studio Team Services integration provides built-in support for continuous integration and deployment to Azure DevOps.
  • Develop on Windows, Linux and Mac - With Visual Studio, developers can use their favorite OS and tools to target Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and web platforms using C#, Visual Basic, C++, JavaScript, Python and more. Visual Studio brings a comprehensive set of cross-platform mobile emulators, compilers and debuggers all into one IDE.
  • Save Time with IntelliCode - Visual Studio IntelliCode trains across millions of repos to deliver AI-assisted development that speeds up tedious coding tasks. It provides smart suggestions based on historical usage patterns and best coding practices, helping developers write high quality code faster.
  • Build Better Code with Live Share - With Visual Studio Live Share, developers can instantly and securely collaborate in real time. Share your current project, debugging session or terminal with teammates for easy pairing, troubleshooting and mentoring. Live Share enables faster onboarding and creates tighter team collaboration.
  • Debug Faster with Snapshot Debugger - Finding and fixing bugs is frustrating and time consuming. The Snapshot Debugger takes a snapshot of your app’s execution and lets you step back and debug from historical data. Review past variable values and program execution to gain insights for finding and fixing issues faster.
  • Secure Applications with DevSecOps - Visual Studio App Center and Azure DevOps help teams build more secure software by integrating security deep into the CI/CD pipeline. Automate security testing, enable developer security training modules and track vulnerabilities with actionable data insights.
  • Modernize Legacy Apps and Infrastructure - Visual Studio provides the combined strength of containers, cloud-native services and distributed application runtimes to help you extend, optimize and refactor existing apps. Add modern DevOps tooling to streamline delivery.
  • Unlock Breakthrough Performance - Ensure your most demanding applications achieve the highest throughput and scalable performance. Visual Studio features advanced diagnostics and performance profiling tools for building data-intensive, hyper optimized apps powered by multicore and GPU compute resources.
  • Build Intelligent Apps with AI - Easily add AI capabilities like speech, knowledge, language understanding and vision to your apps with Visual Studio Tools for AI. Integrate seamlessly with Azure Cognitive Services and Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch deep learning frameworks.


Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 | Fast Product Key
Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 | Fast Product Key

Key Features:

  • Supports web, mobile, desktop, gaming, machine learning and IoT development.
  • Integrated unit testing, code analysis and profiling.
  • Powerful debugger with Historical Debugging and Snapshot Debugger.
  • Live Share for real-time collaboration.
  • IntelliCode provides AI-assisted coding.
  • DevOps tools for CI/CD and Azure deployments.
  • Cross-platform emulators and device simulators.
  • Advanced editor with coding productivity tools.
  • Extensive refactoring and code generation tools.
  • Integrated source control with Git and TFVC.
  • Thousands of extensions available in Marketplace.

What's Included:

  • NET desktop development.
  • ASP.NET and web development.
  • Azure development.
  • Mobile app development with Xamarin.
  • Native cross-platform mobile development.
  • Node.js development.
  • Python, R, Ruby, Go language support.
  • Visual Studio extension development.
  • Game development with Unity.
  • C++ desktop development.
  • Mobile C++ development.
  • Data science with Python or R.
  • Universal Windows Platform development.
  • SQL Server Data Tools.
  • Office and SharePoint development.
  • PowerShell development.

Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 enables professional developers to deliver innovation faster than ever before. The advanced tools and cloud-powered services give your team everything needed to design, develop, test, deploy and monitor secure, high-quality apps for any platform.

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